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How to Take Self-Timer Pictures While Social-Distancing | Tips

What do you do when you’re stuck indoors due to a worldwide pandemic? Get Creative or Stay Bored You decide! Thanks to Asiyami Gold i’ve gotten better with my self-timers and truth be told the more you do it the better you get, consistency is truly important in all aspects of life. Anyways fast forward to 1 week into social distancing and I’ve been getting a lot of positive reactions to my 10 seconds self-timers hence the desire to share with other creatives and brand owners who want to keep their content interesting, learn something new during this period as well as grow through this season, THIS POST IS FOR YOU.


  1. Good lightning
  2. Tripod/DIY Tripod
  3. Props



  • Have a mood board or an idea of what you want the Pictures to look like
  • Take the setup of your room into consideration for example: Mine’s white & brown & sort of vintage & modern, whatever outfit I wear has to vibe with my room because the honest truth is not all outfits would work well photographed in your room outside just works better.
  • Work with the props you have at home
  • Clean your phone camera & make sure its in the best quality for iPhone users Go to settings —> Camera —> Formats —-> Make sure “High Efficiency” is ticked
  • Edit your pictures to perfection i.e: realistic perfection lol. I make use of the vsco c8 filter, add a bit of sharpen & brightness then facetune2 to smoothen my skin & add a bit of glow.


If you have no tripod with a bluetooth remote like myself or NOT, these are a few things to ease the stress of taking self-timer pictures

  1. Set your Phone & Tripod First at the angle of your room with the most light i.e: where do the windows face? figured it out? open up your window blinds & window if need be for more light to come in (for a country in Nigeria you might need to do this if PHCN decides to take the light) but if there’s light you can work with the lights in your room. Alternatively that instagrammable spot in your room might not be susceptible to light (for me that’s my bed I cannot stand the light from outside) so for this part of my room I would definitely NEED a ring light/studio light to brighten up the place. Let’s see these two samples one was taken with natural light (Light from outside) the other was taken with artificial light (ring light & room light)
Taken with Artificial Lights
Taken with Natural Light

2. Set your Props and use your phone camera to see how it looks: Before you start running from one point to another make sure you’ve set your props to you liking and have taken some test shots.

3. Remove all obstructions: This sounds obvious but be sure to take out that sit or table or shoe that’d disrupt you moving freely from your phone to your picture spot

4. Before you start taking your self-timers make a video doing the different poses you have in mind with your props, feel free to play around with your props. Watch the video, see what poses work & facial expressions work for you. This made my last self-timer session faster & easier


That’s all the juice I have for now. With more sessions comes more knowledge till then.

Stay Safe


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