Bonjour! Hola! Namaste! Hello! Hi! I am Nonye ‘Nayonde’ Anne Udeogu.

A Fashion Consultant, Content Creator and Digital Marketer currently living in Lagos, Nigeria who loves Shopping and Styling. I hope to go into the business of fashion and eventually start my own Jean & Fragrance brand.

Growing Up I have always been told how WEIRD I was & always will be and how unpopular My Opinions/thoughts tend to be. I have learnt to embrace it, Now I have the power to truly be ME. One Major reason I started TTCF because Fashion is where I feel Most Confident and Comfortable. I Hope you Find the confidence to discover YOU & own it in every way Possible through this Blog.

Till then

Welcome to My World of Creativity filled with Fashion, Lifestyle and Everything


S- Something

T- that

Y- You

L- Love

E- Effortlessly

TTCF is an online platform I have created to showcase my personal style.

My Mission is to make fashion & styling fun for Everyone (My Fashionistas) while adding the basic Element “YOU”. 

I have been featured on a few Platforms which include and are not limited to; StyleMeAfrica, TheBloggerPoint Monthly Magazine, BellanaijaStyle.

I hope you follow me through my style journey and also contribute.

Welcome Fashionistas!

Sit Pretty/Handsome & Stay Tuned 🙂



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